CLAIM: In a statement, the Marcos campaign went as far as saying that more than half of the total population in Pangasinan went out to see their caravan. 

RATING: This is false. 

FACTS: The actual crowd was less than half the number they claimed.

What they said 

“Of the three million population of Pangasinan, more than half of them have supported and participated in every caravan and grand rally of presidential candidate Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. and some of the UniTeam’s senatorial candidates,” a statement issued by Marcos’ campaign team reads.

“Consolidated data from the Philippine National Police showed that more than two million Pangasinense went out of their residences to see and greet Marcos during his two-day visit as he fulfilled his promise to return to the province to meet them again.”

What they left out 

It is unclear how the UniTeam acquired its figures supposedly from the PNP. 

Philstar.com reached out to Police Lt. Col. Abubakar Mangelen, information officer of Police Regional Office 1, to confirm the crowd size. 

“As per operations, more or less 600,000 to 800,000,” he said in a Viber message.

Police Maj. Katelyne Awingan, information officer of the Pangasinan Police Provincial Office also told Philstar.com in a text message that “the estimate is 1.2 million for [the] two-day event in the whole province.”

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