This video ( speaks of a 2019 article about the Commission on Audit flagging the Office of the Vice President (OVP)’s Angat Buhay program for certain deficiencies.

This is true, but missing context.

While the Commission on Audit did indeed flag the Angat Buhay program for an initial lack of oversight over funding as stated in the video, the context is missing.

The original article (…/232881-robredo-angat-buhay…/) talks on how the COA flagged certain deficiencies in the conduct of the Angat Buhay anti-poverty program.

However, the video removed the context and the responses of the Office of the Vice President. It gouged out the other side to upend the story but to take a free ride from the Rappler article to give it “legitimacy.”

Unsurprisingly, the video producer, Viral Philippines (@Bayral.Philippines) is unabashedly pro-Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

But back to the original article supposedly cited in the video. It says that the OVP has since not only pledged a review of the guidelines for selecting LGUs to assist, but also that the OVP has since clarified the selection process after the COA’s initial comments in the audit report.

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