Candidate Bongbong Marcos has posted on his site an article claiming that 9 out of 10 Filipinos abroad have him as their preferred candidate.

This is false.

The Facts: The article (https://www.bongbongmarcos.com/…/business-mirror-bbm…/) cites two sources – SPLAT Communications and Pulso ng Pilipino. Two different surveys, according to the article, show Marcos at a commanding lead of 84.77 percent and 87.77 percent respectively.

The survey which is being cited appears nowhere in the Pulso ng Pilipino website where they show other surveys they have done.

Meanwhile, the SPLAT Communications survey comes from a YouTube channel whose content is primarily pro-Marcos vlogging.

The cited survey claims 4,343 respondents across the world, but SPLAT does not show the process behind the numbers, and the videos are simply a voiceover showing the supposed numbers of the survey without any context or background.

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