UniTeam Presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos spoke on March 25, 2022 at his son Sandro’s proclamation rally at Laoag City, advocating his supporters for a ‘Solid North’ vote. If elected, he guaranteed that the national language would return to Ilocano: “Magbabalik sa Ilocano ang national language.” (https://mb.com.ph/…/bongbongs-prediction-before-laoag…/).

This is false.

The Facts: Ilocano has never been institutionalized as a national language in the history of the Philippines.

The language provisions stipulated in the 1987 Constitution Article XIV, Section 6 and 7 provides the legal basis for the language policies in the country (https://www.officialgazette.gov.ph/…/the-1987…/).

Section 6 states that: “The national language of the Philippines is Filipino. As it evolves, it shall be further developed and enriched on the basis of existing Philippine and other languages.”

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