The Facts: A tweet by @ZippyHipolito claims that the Social Weather Stations, a non-profit organization executed a survey on March 2022 in which Marcos ranked first with 58%.

According to his tweet, the “leaked” survey results by SWS were commissioned by Stratbase ADR, an independent, international research organization focused on the in-depth analysis of economic, social, political, and strategic issues influencing the Philippines and the Indo-Pacific region. (https://twitter.com/ZippyHi…/status/1514574415295508485…)

This is false because the documents circulating online are not posted on the official site of SWS.

On the SWS Facebook page, the organization reminds the public through a pinned post that “false reportage about SWS surveys is very common in the period leading up to an election. Everyone is enjoined to rely only on the SWS website.” (https://www.facebook.com/SocialWeatherStations/posts/4636611113085547)

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