A video published on Facebook by a page named “I am Shanwein” reveals a conversation between the late Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr. and author Steve Psinakis.

The in-video caption alleges that Aquino’s primary intention in returning to the Philippines is to supplant the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos following the latter’s deteriorating health condition.

The spliced video, however, was published cunningly, cutting off the context of the recorded conversation.

While Ninoy Aquino used the words ‘trump cards’, it was not meant that he wanted to become Marcos’ successor. The full version of the conversation can be heard here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DMeZwC5oZY

During the Marcos regime, anybody could get into serious trouble for expressing dissent against the government and its policies. The former senator knew that he will be sent directly to prison once he arrives in the Philippines.

However, there are leverages – or trump cards – that Aquino could use to make the Marcoses treat him right. These are the following:

1. Then Prime Minister of Japan Yasuhiro Nakasone would continue providing economic assistance to the financially-ailing Philippines; and,

2. Nur Misuari would continue talks with the government if Ninoy Aquino would act as the negotiator.

Aquino was seeking a dialogue with the terminally-ill Marcos hoping to persuade him to pave way for a peaceful and democratic transition of power through an election. [https://opinion.inquirer.net/…/ninoy-aquinos-assassination]

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