This viral clip from TikTok (, which has garnered almost a thousand shares and has hashtags expressing support for Marcos, shows Leni Robredo saying that there were no vaccines in 2022 twice.

This is missing context.

While in the original video, which is an interview with DZRH News (, Robredo does indeed say twice that there were no vaccines in 2022 at the 34:45 mark, the TikTok clip cuts out the context for the remark.

In the lead-up to the clipped portion, Robredo is talking of the efforts to bring vaccinations to the barangay level in order to support the vaccination drive. The context shows that she is speaking of the lack of vaccines and vaccinators at the barangay level, at the grassroots. Most local governments in the country have centralized vaccination centers.

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Video showing Robredo declaring no vaccines in 2022 needs context

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