CLAIM: A YouTube video claimed that Robredo’s US trip was sponsored by Filipino-Americans to plot against the Philippine government.

RATING: This is false.

FACTS: Along with her three daughters, Robredo went to the United States on her own account to attend her youngest Jillian’s college graduation and to spend time with family. They did not entertain requests for meet-ups.

In the video, the vlogger identified as one Bryan Calagui said that Robredo, her camp, and Guanzon were planning to “ruin the government.”

“‘Yung mga Fil-Am na nakatira sa Amerika ay sponsoran itong si ‘Len-Len’ na pumunta sa Amerika,” Calagui was shown saying in the first few seconds of the YouTube video. Robredo has been referred to by her crictics on social media as “Len-Len.” 

The vlogger added “Len-Len,” a derisive nickname pro-administration supporters use to refer to the Vice President, is supposedly plotting something, and urged supporters of president-elect Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and vice president-elect Sara Duterte to prepare.

Robredo told supporters that they will not entertain requests to see other people, limiting their meet-ups during the trip in a Facebook post on May 14. 

“We are sorry if we cannot accept the numerous requests for meet-ups. We will do that some other time in the future. For now, we just need to spend as much time together,” Robredo wrote

Most of Robredo’s interactions with supporters during their less than two-week trip happened by chance. 

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