This link, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O31uEY2IHdc), sent to us through the Chronicle tipline, is a video claiming to be footage of University of the Philippines professor Clarita Carlos saying Bongbong Marcos won the SMNI debate. Carlos is one of the panelists of the debate where many of the presidentials chose to be absent.

This is, however, not true.

The title is a classic clickbait, even including “Robredo napahiya” in its text. Robredo was among those absent in the debate.

However, watching the nearly seven-minute video from the channel “Showbiz Fanaticz”, which incidentally is full of pro-Marcos content, revealed that not only did Carlos fail to mention Robredo at all but the feisty professor also did not say that Marcos won the debate either.

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