CLAIM: Vice President Leni Robredo said her loss in the 2022 elections was a blessing in disguise that helped her avoid “bigger problems” had she been elected the country’s next president.

RATING: This is true

FACTS: The vice president did say that but urged supporters not to give up on fighting for the Philippines. 

What the posts say

The graphic card quotes Robredo as saying:

Ako kasi naniniwala ako na yung lahat na nangyayari ay may dahilan. So ako, nung hindi ako nanalo, marami akong sinasabi sa sarili ko, pero one of the things that I kept telling myself was talagang mahal ako ng Diyos na siguro iniiwas ako sa mas malaking problema.

Pro-Marcos accounts used this quote to back the narrative that Robredo ran for the presidency for self-serving reasons and that she “only thinks about herself” instead of the country.

What they left out

No photos, videos, or transcripts of that meet-and-greet event were released by the media relations team of the Office of the Vice President, indicating that it was a private event. 

Though Robredo did say what she was quoted as saying, the viral posts on social media are misleading. Some videos posted on Twitter were cut to include that one quote. Immediately after this, though, Robredo followed it up in Filipino with: 

“But again, having said that, we know that we can’t give up. When I say that we can’t stop, I do not mean it in the sense that we have to be fighting every day. But what we should be doing everyday is fighting for our country.”

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