CLAIM: A Facebook page posted a quote card that showed two presidential candidates’ supposed stances on resolving Metro Manila traffic.

In a post on Monday, February 28, the page posted the card with a question that reads: “Bumper-na-bumper na traffic, anong solusyon[?]”

The format of the post is similar to other quote cards being shared by news outlets on social media.

The candidates featured on the post are Vice President Leni Robredo and Sen. Manny Pacquiao.

RATING: The quote attributed to Robredo is fake.


The question on the card was referencing the fielded issue raised during the CNN Philippines presidential debate last Sunday, February 27.

The moderators asked the candidates how they will address the longstanding traffic problem in Metro Manila.

For Robredo, she said would focus on building infrastructures for active transport if elected president.

“Base sa recent na datos, kakaunti lang ng tao ang mayroong sasakyan. Ang gobyerno ay dapat magbuhos ng pera para sa active transport. Ngayong pandemic pa lang kita na dahil walang mass transportation, ang daming natengga,” she said.

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