The Facts: While Marcos did introduce Senate Bill No. 3106 in 2012, which was an act to upgrade the minimum salary of public school teachers from salary grade 11 to 15, it was not stopped but instead it is pending until today. https://legacy.senate.gov.ph/lis/bill_res.aspx…

The one responsible for continuing the process of the bill would be the Senate president, according to the legislative processes. They should be able to refer the bill to appropriate committees that would be involved in the matter. The Senate president at that time was Juan Ponce Enrile who is now a BBM ally https://legacy.senate.gov.ph/about/legpro.asp

The president has no power in the process since they belong to the executive branch of the government. Law-making procedures are made in the legislative branch of the government. There is a separation of powers between the executive, legislative, and even the judicial branch. https://www.gov.ph/about-the-government.html

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