There is well-documented evidence of plunder and human rights violations cases under the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr., debunking what a pro-Marcos vlogger otherwise claimed.

In a June 28 video, pro-Marcos vlogger Sangkay Janjan TV assailed Agence France-Presse’s latest report on president-elect Ferdinand Marcos Jr., branding as baseless the caption describing the elder Marcos as having “plundered and brutalized the Philippines” under his 21-year dictatorship.

The Supreme Court has on several occasions ordered the Marcos family to return their ill-gotten wealth to the government. In 2003, the high tribunal ordered the forfeiture of the Marcoses’ five Swiss Foundation bank accounts, whose value totaled at least $658 million with interest.

The Sandiganbayan has convicted Imelda Marcos with seven counts of graft for illegally creating and maintaining Swiss foundations, whose value amounted to nearly $200 million. Each count sentenced her to a minimum of six years and one month and a maximum of 11 years in prison. She is also perpetually disqualified from serving in public office.

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