Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko” Moreno Domagoso is not backing out of the presidential race to join the UniTeam, contrary to what a viral TikTok video insinuates.

In an ambush interview with Domagoso on March 25, he said at 7:50 mark:

Kung gusto ninyo na mabalik ang mga Marcos, yung mga Marcos, eh desisyon yan ng taumbayan. Ako ganoon naman: If you feel na bumuti ang buhay natin at walang naapi, walang naapektuhan, walang naagrabyado sa panahon ng mga Marcos, iboto niyo si Marcos. That’s your life, that’s your right. (If you want to bring back the Marcoses, that’s the decision of the public. This is what I think: If you feel that we were better off and no one was oppressed, affected or aggravated under the Marcos regime, vote for Marcos [Jr.]. That’s your life, that’s your right

But TikTok user itswillclemens posted on April 28 an excerpt of Domagoso’s interview suggesting that he favors Ferdinand Marcos Sr.’s administration and was set to withdraw his bid.

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