A quote card that is circulating online claiming New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has expressed support for presidential contender Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. is not true. She has not expressed support, nor has she encouraged the former senator to “file a case” against oligarchs “destroying his name and reputation.”

The made-up statement attributed to Ardern in several social media posts reads: “I am impressed on (sic) how BBM will lead his country. He could easily pay the debts of his country and lend gold to other nations. He is the solution to every crisis the world faces. If I am the Philippine’s (sic) president, I am willing to give my position to him. Sadly oligarchs are destroying his name and reputation. He should file a case like swindling to teach them a lesson.”

There is no record of such a quote appearing in any of the official websites of the New Zealand government, including the official site of the country’s parliament. Neither are there legitimate media reports on Ardern referring to Marcos in a statement, much less praising him.

The prime minister also never mentioned the late dictator’s son in her official Facebook (FB) page, which she actively uses.

In a Jan. 21 fact check article by the Australian Associated Press, Ardern’s press secretary was quoted refuting the spurious graphic, saying the prime minister “did not make that comment and the post is clearly fake.”

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