Several Facebook (FB) pages published a statement attributed to Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, where the monarch supposedly congratulated Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. for winning the presidential elections. It is a satire.

The quote card with the alleged statement, and dated May 11, 2021, read: “Today, I wear red to express my congratulations to the Philippines’ President-elect Ferdinand Marcos Jr. I know that he is a good leader. Unfortunately, the oligarchs are destroying his name, and the netizens just keep complaining. Therefore, I can say, Philippines doesn’t have the worse governance. It has the worst citizens.”

Although posted on May 11, 2022, the date indicated in the fabricated card already raises a red flag since the elections culminated just a few days ago. Further, it bore logos of “horbpQuirer.net” and “HORBP Files,” which imitate those of the media organizations Inquirer.net and VERA Files.

In small print and with letters barely visible are the labels “satire” and “not true” that appear on the lower right corner of the card. Queen Elizabeth never issued such a statement, whether in May 2021, or after the release earlier this week of partial and unofficial vote tallies for the 2022 elections.

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