A social card supposedly from eight foreign news organizations quoting a son of presidential candidate Ferdinand Marcos Jr. as saying he, his father and any Marcos running for public office would win in the May elections without campaigning is satire.

Sandro Marcos never said the statement. The card was doctored and a take-off from the graphic News 5 and One News posted Sept. 14 when the younger Marcos announced he was running for representative of Ilocos Norte’s first district.

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FactRakers is a Philippines-based fact-checking initiative of journalism majors at the University of the Philippines-Diliman working under the supervision of Associate Professor Yvonne T. Chua of the University of the Philippines’ Journalism Department. Associate Professor Ma. Diosa Labiste, also of the Journalism Department, serves as editorial consultant.

The name of the initiative, coined from the words “fact” and “raker,” is inspired by the term “muckrakers,” first used in the early 1900s by American president Theodore Roosevelt to express his annoyance at progressive, reform-minded journalists at the time.