A fake quote card attributed to Vice President-elect Sara Duterte-Carpio made it look like she would add two more years to the existing K-12 basic education system. 

The fake graphic is an altered version of a quote card first published on May 15 by Iloilo City-based community paper Daily Guardian that had Duterte-Carpio saying she’s “ready to rumble” as education secretary by June 30. 

The social media handles of the Daily Guardian that appear on the bottom of the original image were cropped out.

Baguio Daily Chronicle, a partner of fact-checking coalition Tsek.ph, earlier rated this claim as “partly false.”

Posted on May 27 by two Facebook (FB) pages and a netizen, the graphic carried spelling and grammatical errors: 

“After my proclamation as Vice-President and immediate assumption as Secretary of the Department Education (sic), I will immediately asked (sic) the Congress to amend the K12 program to K14+ basic education program,” the quote read.

“ROTC will be again compulsary (sic) plus two years mandatory service in the AFP without salary.”

No news reports came out with Duterte-Carpio saying these statements. A cursory search on Google reveals that the first quote on K-12 is based loosely on a press statement from a senator, while the second quote twisted what the vice president-elect said last January.

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