CLAIM: Leni Robredo’s housing project used low-quality materials


A Tiktok video circulating on Facebook claims that Vice President Leni Robredo’s housing project used low quality materials.

The video recycled an old “Expectation vs Reality” meme to illustrate how substandard was the alleged actual housing unit that the Office of the Vice President (OVP) turned over to its recipients.

The user said “noong ibinida ito ng mainstream media, ay sobrang mapapa-bilib ka. Kasi nga ‘yung design ng bahay na ‘to ay talagang pang malakasan kumbaga, mapapa-wow ka,” while showing a picture of the concept design of the house.

Later on, the user said that their expectations were far from reality as he showed a picture of the housing project using substandard materials.

The claim was already debunked on VP Leni’s Facebook page back in December 2020.  She said the houses shown were mockup houses.

“The house shown in the picture is just a mockup so that our partner beneficiaries will have visuals of the actual size of the house. Please see [the] first picture dubbed as ‘REALITY,’” VP Leni wrote in her post. In the same post, Robredo attached photos of the actual housing units.

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