CLAIM: A YouTube channel captioned its video with a “breaking” tag and claimed Solicitor General Jose Calida has “ordered” the Supreme Court to throw out cases against Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

RATING: This is false.


Petitions for certiorari questioning the Commission on Elections resolutions that dismissed the pleas of the disqualification and cancellation of Marcos’ COC are still pending before the SC.

The SC Public Information Office, to date, has yet to make an announcement whether these have already been resolved.

The article quoted in the video, meanwhile, was reporting on a statement by Calida on the comment it submitted to the SC. The tribunal had ordered respondents in the case, which included the Comelec and Marcos’ legal team, to comment.

According the Calida’s statement, his office filed an Opposition for the House of Representatives—one of the respondents in the case.

Calida also did not “order” the SC to dismiss the cases but only sought the dismissal of the petitions. The solicitor general has no authority to give the Supreme Court orders.

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