Weeks after the May 9 elections, a Facebook page called Baste Duterte FP made a call asking for a petition to rename the University of the Philippines to Bagong Pilipinas University. The post is fake as Duterte, the runaway winner in the recently concluded 2022 mayoral race in Davao City, did not make such call.

The false information reads: 

“Can someone help create a page where we sign a petition to shut down the University of the Philippines?

Then convert them to BPU or Bagong Pilipinas University where CAT/ROTC is mandatory.”

To date, at least 51,000 users have reacted to the fake post. It generated 5,400 comments and at least 10,000 shares.

As of Monday, 06 June 2022, Facebook flagged the post as “wrong information.”

Duterte, who was elected vice mayor in 2019 and was designated acting city mayor after elder sister Mayor Sara Duterte ran in the 2022 vice presidential race, has disowned the fake post.

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