CLAIM: Circulating screenshots of text messages claimed that markers can blot and affect the shading of other ovals for other candidates on the ballot when casting votes.

Some online users shared that they have received these messages from others who supposedly have cast their votes and from poll watchers who are supposedly testing the ballots.

A Twitter user, for example, claimed that shading the ovals for two national candidates can allegedly blot the ovals for party-lists.

“Finally cast my vote. My family just noticed something on the ballots, if you shade #7 BBM’s name; at the back of the ballots where you choose you party-list, naka tapat sa kanya ay Angat Buhay, tapos kay #4 Sara D katapat sa likod Kabataan party-list. Just be careful,” the Twitter user claimed.

RATING: These claims are false.


Election lawyer Emil Marañon III pointed out on Twitter how the ovals in ballots are arranged for shading.

“Stop spreading fake news. The ballot was designed na hindi nagpapantay yung ovals para kahit mag blot at tumagos sa kabila, hindi matatamaan ang ovals sa other side,” Marañon tweeted.

The design of the ballot can also be seen on the sample or template ballots that could be accessed via the Commission on Electionswebsite.

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