CLAIM: Kris Aquino said Filipinos enjoy freedom thanks to her late father, Ninoy Aquino Jr.

Several Facebook pages supporting the “UniTeam” tandem of former senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio have posted quote cards of Kris Aquino supposedly telling Filipinos that they owed their freedom to her late father, Benigno Aquino Jr.

“Utang ninyo sa aking ama ang kalayaan na tinatamasa ninyo ngaun (sic),” Kris was quoted as saying.The quote can be dated back to Nov. 27, 2017, when in an Instagram post Kris remembered her late father in what would have been his 85th birthday.

In her caption, Kris merely inferred that her father’s death on Aug. 21, 1983 was among the events that stirred Filipinos to protests that eventually toppled the dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr., who was known for curtailing the freedoms of speech, expression, and the press with his authoritarian rule.

The quote card posted by the pro-Marcos pages overstated Kris’s quote by saying the Filipino nation became free thanks to Ninoy.

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