Back in November 2020, Vice President Robredo said that she had no plans to run for president. In July 2021, she was still undecided whether she should run for the upcoming May 2022 elections. According to her, there are still many factors to consider before deciding to run. Following this, in August 2021, she had already continuously and publicly expressed her openness to run for president, owing to the disinformation-propaganda that became dominant, and the threat of corrupt politics.

While Vice President Robredo had exploratory talks in July 2021 with other candidates, it was not divulged to the public what the exact conversation was among the contenders. It was Senator Lacson, however, who formally pitched the 2022 unification plan last August 5, 2021, which already included a ‘sure formula’ for putting up a common candidate between him and Vice President Robredo. Vice President Robredo rejected this proposition.

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