A spurious TikTok video claimed incoming President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. announced Filipinos holding a national ID are to receive P10,000 cash aid. This is not true.

On June 23, a fake TikTok video carried the caption that Marcos allegedly decided the distribution of cash assistance is only for national ID holders to avoid fraud. It showed a supposed “breaking news” headline that read: “P10K AYUDA PARA SA MGA MAY NATIONAL ID! (P10K ayuda [cash aid] for those with national ID!”)

A superimposed text on the bogus video read: “ANNOUNCEMENT: AYUDA, AY PARA LAMANG SA MGA PILIPINO NA MAY NATIONAL ID. MAY NATIONAL ID NABA (sic) KAYO? KUNG WALA PA, ABAY (sic) KUMUHA NA. PARA DI MAHULI SA BIGAYAN NG AYUDA. (Ayuda, only for Filipinos with national ID. Do you have a national ID? If not, go get one so you will not be left out in the distribution of ayuda.)”

The official Facebook (FB) page of the Philippine Identification System, implemented by the Philippine Statistics Authority, has already clarified in May this year that there is no cash aid after the second step of the national ID registration process.

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